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Bathing Dogs, Keeping Them Clean

Bathing a golden retriever in the tubBathing your dog is an important part of it’s health. It is good for the skin and the coat. Not only is it beneficial, but it can be a bonding time for you and your pet. While some dogs would prefer to not take a bath, there are some who enjoy it. A good way to get your dog used to a bath, is to introduce it to them at a young age.

According to cesar’s way, to get your dog to like the bath is to introduce it in a positive way. Keep the dog’s favorite toy near by. Use treats to reward the dog when it sits still or behaves. Start off with a dry tub so that the pet is not afraid of being in the tub. Once it is used to that, you can move on to adding water. Talking to the dog in a soothing and comforting tone helps with anxiety in your pet. Try to make it a pleasant experience for you and your pet.

Not only does a clean dog smell good, but it helps to keep parasites off of them. However, you should remember that dogs don’t need a daily bath. How often should you bathe them? Some of the factors that determine how often a dog will need a bath is it’s environment and the type of coat that it has. For example, a dog with an oily coat might need bathing as frequent as once a week. On the other hand, a dog such as a Basenji is so good at cleaning itself, it may rarely need a bath. It all depends on the dog. If you are unsure, ask your local vet. He can tell you how often to bathe your dog and recommend the proper dog shampoo for them.