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Feeding Your Dog Human Food

Foods To Give Or Not Give When Feeding Your Dog

Is salmon ok for feeding your dog?

The most important part of your pet’s life is its daily feeding or diet.  In the market today you have several brands and types of dog food that you can feed your animal. Yet anyone who has ever had a dog knows they are extremely fond of “table food”.  While some table foods may be healthy for your pets, there are some that should be avoided.

A balanced diet is crucial to the well being of your pet and keeping them active. Not only is it great for their digestive system, it helps keep the coat shiny.  A well fed dog is a happy dog and should give you years of pleasure with your animal.

Foods That Are OK To Give Your Dog

When determining what to add to your animal’s diet in addition their dog food, there are human foods that can be beneficial to their well being. Foods such as chicken, pork, cashews, milk, salmon, and asparagus are some foods you can share with your dog should you want to add these in addition to their dog food.

Foods To Never Give Your Dog

Just as there are good foods that you can feed your dog, there are also foods that you should not allow your pet to eat. While corn is okay for your dog to eat, corn on the cob is not, as it can cause a bowel obstruction. Macadamia nuts should not be given to your pet as they are some of the most poisonous for your animal. They can cause vomiting, can increase their body temperature, as well as the inability to walk, and worse of all is that they can mess with their nervous system. A good policy to have is never ever feed your dog macadamia nuts.

We have not listed every food that is good/bad for your dog, but just a few. Research before you decide to feed your pet human food. Or better yet, ask your vet. Your ultimate goal is to have a healthy and happy pet.