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Obedience Training Helps Dogs

Does Obedience Training Really Help Dogs?

Obedience training your dog while on leashes. Taking to your dog to obedience training can be beneficial to your pet. They learn basic commands to come, heel, sit, or stay as well as other commands. Your pet can even learn commands by just using your hands. Your furry friend learns to interact with other people and dogs.  Should you choose, your pet can enter obedience competitions to earn CD or CDX titles to their name. CD/CDX stands for Companion Dog/Companion Dog Excellent. These are competitions that are sanctioned by the AKC or American Kennel Club.

Training a dog in obedience classes takes time, hard word, and diligence. Especially if you have a pet that likes to be stubborn. But a little patience and determination on your part will be rewarded in the end. You will have a dog that obeys your commands and learns how to interact around other animals. It is satisfying when your pet is able to walk down the sidewalk with you and behave.

While dogs can be started in obedience classes at almost any age, a puppy is different. A puppy can learn simple commands like sit, stay, etc at the age of 6-8 weeks. However, further training should be around the age of 8-9 months. This is because a puppy’s attention span is just to short for much more until this age.

Whether you decide to take your puppy or an older dog to classes for obedience training, it can be a great experience. Not only for you, but for your pet as well. You get a chance to meet and make new friends and your pet gets to meet other pets. When looking for place to train your dog, check your local community or contact your veterinarian. You won’t regret having a well trained and obedient dog.