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The Importance of Cleaning Your Pet’s Teeth

Why It Is Important to Clean Your Pet’s Teeth

Have you ever wondered why people pay to have their pet’s teeth cleaned? Do you feel like it is a luxury that you don’t have to give your fur baby? Believe it or not, there are health benefits to keeping your pet’s teeth cleaned. Here is a list of a few reasons.

1). Clean your pet’s teeth on a regular basis to fight and keep down the bacteria in their mouths.

2). Bacteria can get under the gums of your pet and can travel to their heart, their liver, and to other organs in their body. .

3).Periodontal disease can attack your pet’s teeth the same way it can attack your teeth without the proper cleaning. It takes a professional cleaning by your vet to remove the tartar and plaque from the teeth of your dog or cat.

4).Taking care of your pet’s teeth can save you huge vet bills by helping to keep them healthy. Not keeping your pet’s teeth clean can lead to tooth loss later on in their lives.

5).Preventive health care is always cheaper in the long run.

6). Not only does cleaning your pet’s teeth help to keep them healthy, it keeps down bad odor in their mouths from the bacteria. And a sweet smelling doggy kiss is much better than a smelly one.

There are more benefits, but the best one is keeping your family companion healthy so you can have your pet for many years. Totowa Animal Hospital has top-quality dental health services for your pet. Call (973) 256 – 3303 today to schedule an exam for your pet.

Some simple home hygiene tips are:

  • Brushing your pet’s teeth as little as one time a week can cut down on 50-60% of tartar build-up.
  • Dental products specifically designed for pets, including Oravet and CET, can help protect gums and lessen tartar.
  • Dry pet food is better for teeth than canned food; it causes abrasion to tooth surfaces when chewed, helping remove tartar build-up. Other treats such as raw-hide can also help remove built-up plaque.
  • There are many pet toys that support dental health. Buying your pets these toys not only entertains them, but offers a dual purpose in helping clean teeth.