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Trimming Pet’s Toenails

Trimming Your Pets Nail is Good Grooming
Trimming dog nails

Trimming or clipping your pet’s toenails is an important part of their grooming. Most animals do not like having their toenails trimmed. If at all possible, start trimming your pet’s nails at a young age, so they won’t panic at the sight of clippers. Waiting until they are older, traumatizes your pet. Sedation at the vet maybe the only option.  Show your pet the clippers before trying to cut the nails. Especially if you get your pet from a shelter.

Pets whose nails or claws are dark are much harder to cut than one whose nails are light. Cutting the nails into the quick on the pet is painful for them and may cause their nails to bleed. Should this happen, Miracle Care Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder is great for stopping the bleeding and offers benzocaine it a If it has been done before, they may remember it causing them to panic at the sight of nail clippers. A solution to this is to take your pet to your local vet and let him do it.

There are several different types of clippers that you can purchase to clip your pet’s nails with. A guillotine-style clipper is one that is good if your pet is a small breed. Others are pliers-style trimmers (which is great for larger breeds) and a scissors-type clipper .

Not all dogs will need to have their nails clipped. An outside pet can keep their nails short simply by running and playing Some breeds like a dachshund will need their nails clipped on a regular basis. Left alone, the nails will curl under making it uncomfortable on their pads.

Should you feel uneasy about trimming your pets nails, just call and schedule your local vet and have him do it for you.