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Why Neuter Or Spay Your Pets?

Why Is It Important To Neuter or Spay Your Pet?

Spay Or Neuter to Avoid Unwanted Puppies or Kittens

There are many advantages to having your pet spayed or neutered. Not only is is beneficial to their health, it is great for controlling excess population of cats and dogs. Each day there are thousands of animals brought to shelters because people didn’t have their pets spayed or neutered. Many times these same pets are euthanized because they could not get adopted. As hard as shelters and rescue agencies try to help rehome these animals, it doesn’t always work out for the betterment of the dog/cat.

Not only does spaying/neutering control the population, spaying will help to prevent breast tumors and uterine infections in approximately 90% of the feline population and 50% of the canine population. Most of the time these breast tumors and uterine infections are malignant or cancerous. The recommended period for spaying your pet is before their first heat. This will offer them the ultimate protection from these diseases.

Neutering your male pet is the best way to help him not get testicular cancer and prostate issues. It helps with the problem of your male dog roaming away from home to hunt for a female in heat.

Unless you are a reputable breeder who shows your pets or sells them in a business, it is to your benefit and others to have your pets fixed. You will enjoy your pet more and have less worries about them getting loose when they come into heat and becoming impregnated and having litters that you will have to find homes for or even perhaps wind up in the overcrowded shelters. There are places that will offer low cost spay/neuter services to prevent this from happening. It is always best to fix a problem before it becomes one.