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Getting Your Dog Ready for Swimming

Dog on beach

Helping your pup enjoy the water this summer can be a little harder than just letting them swim their energy away. Adjust Your Pup to the Water An important step to enjoying the water is first making sure your dog can enjoy the water. Some dogs take to the water just fine without any need…

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Bathing Dogs, Keeping Them Clean

Bathing a dog in a tub

Bathing your dog is an important part of it’s health. It is good for the skin and the coat. Not only is it beneficial, but it can be a bonding time for you and your pet. While some dogs would prefer to not take a bath, there are some who enjoy it. A good way…

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Trimming Pet’s Toenails

Trimming dog nails

Trimming Your Pets Nail is Good Grooming Trimming or clipping your pet’s toenails is an important part of their grooming. Most animals do not like having their toenails trimmed. If at all possible, start trimming your pet’s nails at a young age, so they won’t panic at the sight of clippers. Waiting until they are…

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Canine Distemper Disease in Animals

Puppies just lying around.

Canine Distemper Disease in Animals Canine distemper is a disease that is highly contagious with no known cure. It is a viral illness that not only attacks dogs but other animals as well.  Wolves, pandas, skunks, coyotes, and foxes are just some of the wildlife that can be attacked by this disease. The house pet, the…

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Ticks Can be Dangerous to Dogs

Picture of a Cayenne Tick

Ticks Can Be Dangerous to Dogs If you own a pet, there are some things you should know about the risks of ticks on your animal. In addition, also know about tick removal and prevention. Ticks are parasitic arthropods which feed on the blood of mammals. Left on you or your dog can cause several…

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Obedience Training Helps Dogs

Does Obedience Training Really Help Dogs? Taking to your dog to obedience training can be beneficial to your pet. They learn basic commands to come, heel, sit, or stay as well as other commands. Your pet can even learn commands by just using your hands. Your furry friend learns to interact with other people and…

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The Benefits to Walking Your Dog

Walking Dog in Woods

The Advantage of Walking Your Dog Walking your dog has many benefits to offer. Not only does it benefit the dog, it brings results to the one walking the dog. Studies have proven that walking your dog 30 minutes three times a week has great health rewards. Not only can the dog’s weight be lowered…

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Feeding Your Dog Human Food

Is salmon ok for feeding your dog?

Foods To Give Or Not Give When Feeding Your Dog The most important part of your pet’s life is its daily feeding or diet.  In the market today you have several brands and types of dog food that you can feed your animal. Yet anyone who has ever had a dog knows they are extremely…

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Why Neuter Or Spay Your Pets?

Spay Or Neuter to Avoid Unwanted Puppies or Kittens

Why Is It Important To Neuter or Spay Your Pet? There are many advantages to having your pet spayed or neutered. Not only is is beneficial to their health, it is great for controlling excess population of cats and dogs. Each day there are thousands of animals brought to shelters because people didn’t have their…

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Vaccinations of Pets are Beneficial

Pet Vaccinations Vaccinations to prevent the spread of diseases is not just for humans. It is recommended that you vaccinate your pets as well. Diseases not only attack people, they can also attack your pets. By vaccinating them, you can protect their health and give them long and healthy lives. By law if you own a…

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